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Guided by the product concept of "helping people to travel more comfortably by inheriting the Japanese sense of aesthetics, feelings, and spirit to create 'ideal forms of carrying,'" we begin the manufacturing process by envisioning the situations in which products will be used, and the people who will use them. Then we determine the ideal production location, price, quality and functions, by selecting from a wide range of elements -- including the vast technical knowhow that we have accumulated, the background of today's fashions and styles, and the needs and wants of the users. This allows us to propose ideal designs without being restricted by fixed ideas.

Inspiration from JAPAN SENSE

Ace products are created under the product concept of "ideal shapes and ideal designs." These shapes and designs have a pleasing effect on people the world over, reflecting the Japanese sense of beauty much like the pleasure felt when listening to the Japanese koto (harp).

Creating these designs is like formulating silver ratios in jewelry, as it requires carefully balancing a variety of factors, such as dimensions, pocket positions, and component relationships. The designs we create are inspired by Japan's unique love of nature, formative art, and functional beauty.

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