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Instructions for TSA Lock

What Is a TSA Lock?

Presently, all luggage and travel bags that are checked in for domestic U.S. flights and international departure flights are inspected by TSA (Transportation Security Administration) staff at all airports located in the United States and its territories. Therefore, passengers are required to keep their check-in baggage unlocked. However, suitcases and bags equipped with a TSA LOCK® (an advanced lock system approved by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration) can be unlocked and opened by TSA inspectors using a special tool. Therefore, those suitcases and bags can remain locked for check-in. This adds a level of security.


* Note that TSA staff may break the lock under certain inspection conditions, such as in an emergency situation. For more information, visit the following official Travel Sentry website:

* For flights departing from Japan, regulations concerning baggage locks vary from airline to airline. Some airline companies may require all check-in baggage to be left unlocked even if they are equipped with a TSA LOCK®.

* TSA Locks can also be opened by airport officials in some countries and regions other than the United States and its territories. Check the information of destination airports prior to traveling.