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About the “ace.” Product Warranty

Thank you for purchasing an “ace.” product. “ace.” provides a 5-year warranty for products purchased from authorized dealers (excluding "outlet stores") and offers high-quality after-sales service.
If any defect in material or workmanship is discovered during the warranty period, ACE Co., Ltd. repairs the product (or replaces the product in case the repair of the defect is deemed difficult) free of charge. Note that the warranty does not cover damage from handling by an airline company or during transportation by other means, damage caused by incorrect use, surface damage (wear, scratches, discoloration, etc., of casters, fasteners, handles and other parts) resulting from normal use, or damage due to repair or modification performed by a party other than authorized Ace repair centers.
ACE Co., Ltd. also offers a repair service for products after their warranty period. For repairs after the warranty period, please take the product to the authorized dealer where the product was purchased or our customer center. We will notify you of the estimated repair cost, if necessary, and repair the product upon obtaining your consent.
To receive the warranty service, you must present proof of purchase from an authorized dealer. Please keep a purchase document, such as the receipt, in a safe place. If the product was purchased from an outlet or store other than an authorized dealer or if the proof of purchase is not presented, there will be a fee for the repair.