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EVL-3.5| イーブイエル3.5 | No. 62004NEW

Everything you want in a business bag, only better. Our flagship business bags are versatile enough to carry all your work essentials. You’ll be ready for anything.

  • The bags are made of a strong, light, and hard-wearing fabric: 1260-denier Cordura Ballistic® nylon.

  • The dedicated laptop space is reinforced with lightweight cushioning to protect against impacts.

  • Together, the curved 3D padding and the swivelling strap joints spread pressure evenly across the shoulder for a stable and comfortable fit. (Patent No. 5861969)

  • The handle has two interlocking parts that join together and fit snugly in your hand.

  • The front pocket zipper can be opened from the left or right, as you prefer. No matter which shoulder you’re using, you can easily reach your things when you’re on the move. Note: Photo shows model no. 62002.

  • This space is perfect for keeping your pens and mobile device neatly organized. A pile fabric-lined pouch prevents scratches. Note: Photo shows model no. 62012.

  • The bag can be fixed securely onto the pull-drive handle of a trolley case. This prevents wobbling when you roll the case, making it easier to get around. Note: Photo shows model no. 62002.

  • Open or close the zipper to make the bag wider or narrower to fit your carried items.

  • Compartments in front and back




• 2-compartment briefcase ideal for daily use and 2- or 3-day business trips
• Holds B4 folders, a 15.6-inch laptop, and a 10-inch tablet
• 3D padding on shoulder strap provides optimal fit
• Curved 3D shape and swivelling strap joints spread pressure evenly across shoulder for a stable and comfortable fit (Patent No. 5861969)
• Interlocking handle parts fit together to give a snug grip
• Front pocket zipper can be opened from left or right, as you prefer. Keeps small items like pens and mobile devices neatly organized
• Side handle for lifting bag to or from overhead luggage rack
• Can be fixed securely onto trolley case handle
• Inner sleeve in main compartment holds bottle or folding umbrella. Folds flat when empty
• Expandable: Open or close zipper to adjust bag width to fit carried items
• Underside studs help bag stand upright

  • Pocket for a 10-inch tablet

    Lets you carry a tablet safely and smartly. Accommodates a 10-inch tablet.

  • Compartment for B4-size files

    Accommodates standard B4-size files.

  • PET beverage bottle pocket

    Accommodates a 500-ml PET beverage bottle.

  • Two-compartment type

    Provided with two main compartments (storage spaces).

  • Expandable

    The depth can be expanded to increase the storage capacity according to the volume of contents.

  • Shoulder belt (with pad)

    The shoulder belt with a pad fits nicely and reduces the burden on the shoulder.

  • 3D shoulder pad

    The three-dimensionally curved pad reduces the burden on the shoulder. The D-ring at the belt joint section ensures an excellent fit.

  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

    Protection against manufacturing defects for five years from the date of purchase.

  • Securing function

    Mounts on the handlebar of a trolley bag.

  • Assist handle

    The assist handle lets you retrieve the bag easily from the overhead baggage rack in a train, etc.

  • Compartment for a 15.6-inch PC

    Accommodates a 15.6-inch laptop.

W18× H13× D6/8inch 
1540 g
17/22 L
PC and Tablet Device Storage