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FLEX LITE Fit| フレックスライト フィット | No. 54563

Materials and parts are carefully selected for this series, to combine light weight and the durability that is so essential for use as a business bag.

  • Nylon Cordura® 200-dn Blockrip. This material is both lightweight and durable.

  • A plastic core is embedded into this handle. It features an easy-to-grip structure that combines light weight with rugged durability. Note: This image is No.54577.

  • This belt uses a pad to give you an excellent fit and lessen the load on your shoulder.

  • The fashionable front fastener is made of resin to prevent entangling when opening or closing, and to resist wear. Note: This image is No.54577.

  • The belt length can be freely adjusted, and resists loosening during use.

  • Inside design

  • One suit can be stored inside.



This lightweight garment case holds a suit with room to spare. Its large, square form handles shoulder width dimensions to protect your valuable suit. Light materials and a simple design combine convenience and light weight. A large fastener pocket in the interior easily stores business shirts and neckties. The plastic-embedded handle is durable and easy to grip. And the shoulder belt has a shoulder pad.

  • One-suit storage capacity

    Accommodates one suit.

  • One-compartment type

    Provided with one main compartment (storage space).

  • Shoulder belt (with pad)

    The shoulder belt with a pad fits nicely and reduces the burden on the shoulder.

  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

    Protection against manufacturing defects for five years from the date of purchase.

W22× H19× D2inch 
760 g