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POSTGRIP AT| ポストグリップ AT | No. 30413

This soft attache series has a grip that's designed for extended use, and an integrated frame structure that resists deformation.

  • Nylon 1,000-dn Oaks. Durable, water-repellent, thermo/high-density nylon.

  • This 3-dimensional handle comfortably fits the hand and resists fatigue. For easier carrying, the handle is mounted at a slight angle toward the body.

  • The rear surface resists slipping to prevent falling off, and the structure gently fits the shoulder even when carrying relatively heavy items.

  • The parts at both ends of the belt length adjuster are shaped like a bottomless V to prevent loosening in use.

  • The shoulder belt fitting and body D-ring are highly tempered steel. Highly durable, they resist abrasion.

  • The structure is designed to resist direct impacts, to enable safe and secure carrying of devices.

  • The full-open design enables complete opening, all the way to the bottom. This increases storage capacity, and simplifies the organizing of various contents.

  • This pocket layout is designed to increase storage capacity. Multiple pockets are used for different purposes, for organized storage.



This A4-size soft attache case is ideal for daily commuting use. Its size makes it easy to use anywhere. The handle comfortably fits the hand for fatigue-free carrying. It can also be secured on top of a trolley bag, for versatile use on business trips.

  • Compartment for a 15-inch PC

    Lets you carry a PC safely and smartly. Accommodates a 15-inch PC.

  • Compartment for B4-size files

    Accommodates standard B4-size files.

  • Two-compartment type

    Provided with two main compartments (storage spaces).

  • Shoulder belt (with pad)

    The shoulder belt with a pad fits nicely and reduces the burden on the shoulder.

  • Made in Japan

    "Made in Japan" means enhanced safety, excellent reliability and high quality.

  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

    Protection against manufacturing defects for five years from the date of purchase.

  • Securing function

    Mounts on the handlebar of a trolley bag.

W17× H13× D4inch 
1530 g
13 L
Notebook PC Supported/PC and Tablet Device Storage