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Washboard-Z| ウォッシュボードZ | No. 04065

A made-in-Japan zippered hard suitcase with stopper-equipped dual-wheel casters.

  • Made of Makrolon®, a highly impact resistant polycarbonate resin manufactured by Covestro, the shell has a textured surface that makes scratches hard to see. The top of the suitcase is flat so you can easily place another bag on top.

  • Comes with a TSA lock, which lets you check in baggage with the lock engaged. Uses a three-digit combination, so there’s no need for a key.

  • When you’re not rolling the suitcase, you can move the lever on the back upwards to lock the casters. This prevents the suitcase from moving accidentally. Pressing the release lever will unlock the stopper.

  • The dual-wheel casters use tires that minimize noise. The casters also enable easy turning, letting you nimbly change course. Note: The color of the wheels differs according to the suitcase’s exterior color. Models 01 and 09 have silver wheels, and models 13 and 15 have gold wheels.

  • On the bottom of the suitcase are indentations that make it easy to get a hold when lifting and opening the suitcase. This design also reduces warping of the suitcase when the contents are heavy. Note: On model nos. 04066, 04067.

  • The inside has separate storage compartments and a partition with mesh pockets, so things won’t fall out when opening and closing the suitcase.



• Compact suitcase ideal for trips of 3 to 4 days
• Carry-on baggage size (on international and domestic flights with 100 seats or more)
• Caster stopper prevents the suitcase from accidentally moving
• Quiet dual-wheel casters use noise-minimizing tires and allow easy turning
• Individual storage spaces on both sides let you keep items in order
• The top of the suitcase is flat so you can easily place another bag on top
• Pull-Drive Handle is adjustable to multiple heights
• TSA combination lock
• Made in Japan

  • Four swiveling casters

    The four swiveling casters provide flexible and easy maneuverability.

  • Quiet caster

    The quiet caster minimizes the rolling sound.

  • Dual-wheel casters

    The dual-wheel casters swivel smoothly for easy change of rolling direction.

  • Caster stopper

    The caster stopper prevents accidental movement.

  • Carry-on size *International/domestic flights (100 seats or more)

    Meets the carry-on luggage size regulation for international/domestic flights with 100 seats or more. *The regulation size for carry-on luggage may differ in some airline companies.

  • TSA dial lock

    Provided with a TSA dial lock.

  • Polycarbonate resin

    The polycarbonate resin body boasts excellent impact resistance.

  • Made in Japan

    "Made in Japan" means enhanced safety, excellent reliability and high quality.

  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

    Protection against manufacturing defects for five years from the date of purchase.

H21× W14× D10inch
3.1 kg
37 L
47 L (Occupied volume)
4 Casters/Caster Stoppers/Double-Wheel Casters/Zipper Type/TSA Dial Lock